How to automate any website

Microsoft offers a great little component called Webbrowser Control which uses Internet Explorer. This component and these tutorials will allow anyone with half a brain to automate any website. You will no longer need to purchase a tool to automate simple processes on various websites. You will also no longer have to pay a ton of money to hire some idiot in India who will ditch you as soon as they receive payment.

These tutorials are for informational purposes only and I take no responsibility for your misuse of this information.

With that said, download and install Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, open up visual basic and add the component to your form. Experiment and enjoy!

  1. Using Webbrowser to trigger events.
  2. Submitting a form with Webbrowser Control
  3. Filling out forms
  4. Logging into a website automatically
  5. Generating random text

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